2015, are you prepared?

New EU Legislation in 2015 – Technical File Management

The alignment of the EU Low Voltage and EMC Directives with the new legislative framework brings the possibility for wider use of electronic means for producers and importers to demonstrate compliance. Technical documentation may be sent to market surveillance authorities electronically. This is reinforced in the new Product Safety & Market Surveillance Package, which is expected in 2015 by the introduction of EU Regulations, one of which replaces the existing Directive on general product safety. The market surveillance regulation in particular aims to provide a common approach to physical product assessments and technical documentation checks.


CETech Technical File management software provides centralised storage and access for technical documentation. It reduces the time, effort and risk involved in generating a Technical File and maintaining it for the lifetime of a product. CETech  provides a cost effective Technical File solution to meet the supply chain traceability and technical documentation demands of existing and forthcoming EU legislative.


Follow the links below for more details about the legislative changes. Please use the Contact Us section of our website to request more information about CETech:





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