Incident Investigation

Despite the best efforts of a compliance regime, a reported incident of some kind is inevitable. There might be numerous factors behind a given incident, such as reasonably foreseeable conditions of use, an unscheduled component change, production control issues or simply a faulty component.
It is important to capture as much detail surrounding a given incident as possible to aid the investigation process. A detailed investigation will often determine a trend. This is vital information for the manufacturer and may prevent a more severe incident if the necessary corrective action is put in place. This is one aspect of the General Product Safety Directive 2001/95/EC where producers are required to keep a register of complaints and pass information onto distributors where necessary.
With experience of producing over 1,500 reports for producers, retailers and enforcement authorities covering safety screening, returns analysis and incident investigations CESystems is well placed to provide advice and technical support in this area. CESystems can liaise at all levels of a company to resolve technical and complex regulatory issues for a given incident.



In my opinion this system is an extremely useful tool to help manage ever increasingly complicated legislative requirements

Jerry Burnie
Independent Quality Solutions


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