Risk Assessment

The producer has the responsibility of declaring compliance with all relevant European legislation by a process of Conformity Assessment. This involves the selection of the mandatory essential safety requirements and identifying the risks for a given product. These are pre-marketing requirements under CE-marking directives.
Risk in the context of the General Product Safety Directive and RAPEX scheme focuses on people. Other directives such as the Low Voltage Directive for electrical products extend risk to include domestic animals and property.
The process of risk assessment includes the identification of potential hazards and the probability that a potential hazard will lead to an injury. The hazards must also be associated with non-compliances against standards or legislation, or both. This supports obligations under the General Product Safety Directive when determining corrective action in the event of marketing a dangerous product.
Having been involved in the preparation of the product recall guide for the European Commission and risk assessment methodology for the General Product Safety Directive, CESystems can assist companies with pre- and post-marketing risk assessment. Support may also be provided when deciding upon corrective action in the event of marketing a dangerous product.



CETech is an invaluable business tool. It gives us the confidence that we are in line with EU legislation, maintaining the correct documentation and performing the necessary due diligence

Edmund Sturdy


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