Dr Hilary Jones and the MHRA warn parents not to buy dangerous fake digital thermometers from the Internet

Dr Hilary Jones and the MHRA warn parents not to buy dangerous fake digital thermometers from the Internet

Investigators from the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) have seized over 400 fake digital thermometers after raids in Harrow and Oxford as part of a UK-wide operation to prevent unapproved medical devices being sold over the internet.

Some of these fake thermometers were being sold cheaply online for 99p and they do not have appropriate CE safety markings, warnings or instructions for use to prevent them endangering people’s health. They are likely to give inaccurate readings, posing a serious threat to the health of adults and small children who have potentially killer illnesses such as meningitis.

The MHRA launched the raids after the parents of a young child with leukemia used a fake thermometer bought online and realised it was giving a misleading temperature reading. Their child had a high temperature and was rushed to hospital to receive urgent medical care despite the fake thermometer showing that their child did not have a high temperature. The fake thermometers have no recognised brand name and can be recognised by missing information on the packaging:

  • No instructions for use leaflet is with the product
  • No lot or batch identification number is listed
  • No CE mark is affixed
  • No manufacturer or European representative details are listed
  • No four digit identification number to show that the device has been through the appropriate safety assessment

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