EU rules on cross-border enforcement

Regulation EC 2006/2004 on Consumer Protection Cooperation addresses the growing cross-border problems in the internal market. It lays down the general conditions for cooperation of national authorities who ensure the correct enforcement of consumer protection laws. The regulation deals with collective interests of consumers. Individuals who encountered problems in cross-border shopping can turn to the European Consumer Centres network. Cross-border trade and the new technologies make enforcement harder as it is easier for rogue traders to hide behind borders, targeting consumers in another EU country.

Examples of rogue trading include:

  • threatening clairvoyance services;
  • deceptive prize draws;
  • mailings for unsolicited goods ‘waiting’ for consumers;
  • unsolicited first aid kits with demands for payment;
  • direct marketing of slimming products to children;
  • misleading marketing by ‘holiday clubs’;
  • offering goods online without correct information about the terms and conditions of contracts e.g. right to withdraw without penalty, terms of delivery, administrative fees.

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