CE Systems is a Trading Standards Approved independent software development company specialising in consumer product safety systems. Our product, CETech, provides a powerful storage, retrieval and auditing system for maintaining the essential components of a technical file. The system has been developed by drawing upon more than 20 years experience in European consumer product safety legislation within a product design, manufacturing and testing environment. CETech provides manufacturers and importers of consumer products with a means of demonstrating compliance with CE-marking legislation within the European Union. CETech covers household electrical items, toys and machinery products.

Due Diligence

The proof of demonstrating compliance is known as due diligence. This is recognised in UK law and provides a defence where a person must prove that he took all reasonable steps and exercised all due diligence to avoid an offence being committed.

In practice this means having a system in place that is controlled and verified (reasonable steps) and proving that the system is followed and that it works (due diligence).


In my opinion this system is an extremely useful tool to help manage ever increasingly complicated legislative requirements

Jerry Burnie
Independent Quality Solutions


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