EU Regulation

Fulfilling the requirements of EU Regulations, Decisions and Directives is a complex and time-consuming task. There are many overlapping mandatory essential requirements applicable to consumer products destined for the EU market.
EU legislation now addresses product safety, the restriction of dangerous substances and environmental protection. The new EU legislative framework effective across EU Member States from January 2010 imposes pre- and post-marketing obligations on manufacturers and importers. The legislation consists of EC Decision 768/2008 and these EU laws are binding on EU Member States and they provide a common framework for the marketing of products including market surveillance, accreditation of test houses, rules for CE Marking and the control of products imported from third countries. They clarify the liability for importers and manufacturers of consumer and industrial products and give customs more powers.
The essence of the legislation is market surveillance and traceability using primarily manufacturers’ technical documentation as the foundation for demonstrating conformity.

The main elements of the new framework have also been integrated into the new Toy Safety Directive resulting in new conformity assessment procedures from July 2010. The Commission is also planning to integrate the new framework into other CE-marking directives such as the Low Voltage Directive for electrical equipment.

Having influenced EU product safety legislation and standards through many years of attending over fifteen International and European legislative committees CESystems can guide companies through the EU regulatory framework and is able to assist in the preparation of internal quality assurance and production control procedures.


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