Technical File

Producers of household electrical products and toys need to prepare a technical file when placing electrical products on the EU market. The purpose of the technical file is to allow market surveillance authorities to evaluate the conformity of the product with the essential requirements of EU directives.
The technical file is a systematic assembly of information on the design and production phases of the product, including verification. It should contain evidence that the product was considered to pose a tolerable risk at the point of marketing.
 Once the product is on the market the file will need to be regularly reviewed and updated in the light of new information. It would be difficult to conclude at a later date that a product is compliant without a technical file and an up-to-date risk assessment.
Test reports are an important component of a technical file. They should be checked for accuracy and coverage of the appropriate national conditions. CESystems has many years experience in this process and can assist in the preparation and maintenance of technical file components including the review of existing technical documentation and support when dealing with overseas suppliers. 


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