PROSAFE – Joint Actions Best Practice

PROSAFE – Joint Actions Best Practice

In 2004, a voluntary guide to carrying out corrective actions for product safety was produced by Intertek Research and Testing Centre on behalf of the UK Consumers Association, in collaboration with various interested parties, including PROSAFE. The project was supported by the European Commission (DG Health and Consumer Protection). This is partiularly useful for business

The European Commission hosts a special website with information on related European Electrical Industry Associations.

ORGALIME – The European Engineering Industries Association represents the interests of the Mechanical, Electrical, Electronic, Metalworking & Metal Articles Industries.
Orgalime has three main objectives:
(1)To be the prime voice of the EU engineering industry on selected issues affecting a broad range of its members. (2) To provide to its members information on the activities of the European Union and international bodies of direct relevance to the operations of reengineering companies operating in the EU.  (3) To promote relations between member federations/associations.
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